The blessing of water

One’s own well – a river of blessing that never fades away….

Since space travel made great progress in the 20th century, one element in particular has been sought in our vast universe. It is the same matter from which plants, animals and all living things are created: the water!

The science, knows for a long time: Water means life and thus we are forced to take every day something of it to us. Not only extraterrestrials but also we humans will not survive long without the valuable raw material.

Thank God, in the western world we don’t need to worry about this valuable resource anymore. We have everywhere around us immediately available drinking water. The situation is all the more difficult in some countries: While we simply turn on the tap, many people spend several hours a day to get clean water. For lack of time or out of necessity, many people often have to resort to contaminated water. This means all sorts of illnesses, skin rashes, stomach/intestinal infections and more. But there are other dangers as well. In Africa, for example, there are many schools that have no water. To get some, the school children have to fight their way through traffic. Some areas are also criminal and you have to beware of robbers who can ambush you on the way to the water sources. Wild animals can also be a danger.

Yet the water is actually so close! Only a few meters under the earth there is clean drinking water of best quality. Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to get to it. Heavy drills are needed for this. This costs money and requires a lot of know-how. The villagers in the vast African savannahs and jungles rarely possess either.

This is where professional aid organizations like Swiss Barakah Charity come into play. They can help by providing the right planning through experienced and specialized teams and by procuring the resources for the construction. Of course, this can only be done with the help of donations. The excavators and architects, construction workers and materials all need to be paid for. This in turn helps the local economy.

For Swiss Barakah it is important to involve the donors in the process. That is why SBC offers donors to digitally witness the well construction process. Once a donor has donated a well, the well is commissioned and the groundbreaking ceremony is held. The well will be inscribed with the donor’s name and the donor will also be allowed to choose color. Finally, small ceremony is held to open the well. People gather to enjoy the water and make dua for the donor. For the donor, it is an incredible experience every time he suddenly realizes that he has become the cause of change for generations of villagers.

A well has a gigantic benefit, which one cannot really grasp at first sight. First and foremost, everyone thinks only about the drinking water!

Yes, this is undoubtedly the biggest and most important benefit. But do we also reflect on the implications that clean drinking water has?

Children can spend their time in school instead of fetching water. Women have more time for education and are less burdened. Because of the constant availability, water does not need to be so scarce and can be drunk and cooked with generously. People also have improved hygiene standards because of the available water, as they use more water for cleaning and personal hygiene. This helps against diseases and for the maintenance of health. Especially in times of Corona, this is becoming more and more important. We all know the recommendation to wash our hands well on a regular basis – more water makes this possible in the first place! Also the spiritual side draws a large benefit, because also the prayer awakening can be accomplished finally with clean water.

Ever thought about it? Not only humans but also wild animals, birds and other species benefit drink from the water. In addition, the water is even used to water livestock and can also be directed to fields and form a small irrigation system for crops. So not only is thirst quenched, but the water also helps to ensure food needs are met!

We can’t even begin to grasp how great the impact of a well is in reality, – especially when you consider that the well will last for decades and beyond, and people will continuously benefit from it.

At some point, the name of the founder will no longer be read and the eyewitnesses will slowly die. Perhaps at some point no one of the people will know how this well came to be, but the Barakah will remain!

SBC has long recognized the importance of wells and always likes to use many donations from general funds for projects related to wells. Within the framework of “Water4 Education”, which were built especially for children at schools. This makes it much easier for them to focus on education. With water available at all times, it is easier for the students to concentrate on school. Never again should children have to face dangers to get clean drinking water or sit dehydrated with dry mouth in class.

Whether it’s having your own well, contributing to regular collections, or even by making a general donation: One thing is certain – with the right intention, it becomes a river of good deeds that sustains life and brings life. The reward and the blessing will certainly not be lost….

Then We (…) and from the water made every living thing. (Sura 21 verse 30)