Already prepared for winter?

Who does not know it? When it starts to get cooler in autumn, there are all sorts of things to prepare – go into town and shop for winter clothes, swap summer tires for winter tires, get rubber boots out of the basement, winterize the garden, level the driveway with rubble to prevent puddles and , and and.

Nobody wants their family to be caught unprepared by the cold rainy weather, frost and snow and catch a cold or even the flu. But we are not the only ones who need to prepare. The people in the refugee camps around Syria are even more worried about the onset of winter. The problem: You hardly have any means to protect yourself adequately from the weather conditions. The tents are very poorly sealed so that they do not provide adequate protection from the cold. The tent camps turn into one big mud hole in winter. Due to the constant wetness and the limited opportunities to hide from the constant cold, many of the camp residents become ill every year. For quite a few of you, illness ultimately means death due to poor medical care.

But we can do something about it now! Just as we level our own driveway against puddles for the coming winter, we can do the same for the destitute refugees. The Swiss Barakah teams are already on site and are preparing the paths in the camps for the winter and restoring the tents so that they offer a little better protection from the bitter cold in winter.

Here you can support our preparation of the infrastructure for the winter and support our winter aid for Syrian refugees