A sustainable village for refugees - Smart Village

Our Village of Colors is completed, refugees moved there, and finally left the cold and unsafe tents where they had lived for more than ten years.


But it’s not enough. Many people are still living in inhumane conditions, and they haven’t really lived a fulfilling life.


That’s why, instead of building another small village, we decided to build a bigger, sustainable village, a “Smart Village”.


This ambitious project envisions a small town that, in addition to housing, will have many gathering places: a school, a community center where residents can meet and socialize, a workshop studio where widows can learn an art and provide for their families, a communal kitchen, where food is prepared and distributed to the community.


Healthcare services will also be provided to ensure the necessary medical care for the residents of our Smart Village.


Do you share our vision? Then join us in building our new Smart Village to ensure a brighter future for refugees!

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