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    Camp Moria: Medication and Dental Clinic

    For the refugees in the camp of Moria, the stay in the camps has become a permanent condition. Many people have serious or chronic illnesses. No state pays for their medical care, so the local doctors are urgently dependent on donations from outside.

    We are happy to support on site with medicines

    In addition, a mobile “dental clinic” was set up on site to provide the refugees with urgently needed dental treatment. Some refugees suffer from excruciating toothache due to the poor hygienic conditions. In this case, we are happy to support the local doctors, who have left their comfortable practices at home behind to provide free dental treatment to the destitute refugees.

    Help us provide this valuable assistance to the refugees!

    “…And whoever keeps it (the life of one person) alive, it is as if he keeps all people alive…” Sura Maida verse 32