Community Center Uganda

It is a small village community in Pallisa district/ Uganda. There are about 250 adults and about 430 children. There are almost 2 children per adult. There is abject poverty. Until a few months ago, there was almost nothing here to indicate an infrastructure. A few stapled together pieces of wood and tarpaulins serve as a community center.

When Swiss Barakah Charity decided to help the community a few months ago, the priority was clear: first of all, a well must be built!

Because many people fall ill with typhoid fever and other diseases due to the polluted water. Abu Bakr, an activist for his community, says, “We shared water with the animals. We drank from the same water as our animals!”

Even when fetching water to the distant water point, there were numerous dangers such as snakes and other wild animals that attack people every now and then. Alhamdulillah, thanks to your donations this problem is now solved and the people are extremely happy and relieved about the new well. Their biggest daily worry has been taken away.

A matter of heart for the community is also a new Community Center. One could cry when looking at the current center. There are only some wooden beams, which are covered by tarpaulins and bamboo mats. It offers hardly any protection from rain or sun, so that events and festivities have often literally “fallen into the water”.

Reason enough to give people a helping hand. A real, beautiful and fortified community center is to be built, which should bring versatile benefits to the people.

About the Center:

The Community Center will serve for the following activities, among others:

– Educational activities

– Social and cultural events

– women’s meetings

– children’s activities

– and much more

It should become a nice meeting place where there is something for everyone. The center will contain several rooms. Among them will be a small library where children can be taught and a kitchen from which to cook for community events. There will also be a large shade canopy to allow for outdoor activities. The centerpiece of the center will be a multifunctional hall that will provide a large area for events of all kinds. There will also be sanitary facilities that can be used by the community.

The premises offer a good basis for further aid projects of SBC. Hot meals will be cooked and distributed there on a regular basis. In the hall, distributions of relief goods can take place and much more!

Abu Bakr says: “We want to make the Community Center a model project for the whole of Uganda”.

A keystone to the development of this community!



When man dies, he is separated (from the merit) of his deeds except in three (cases): a sadaqa that endures (sadaqajaryia), knowledge that brings benefit, and an upright descendant who supplicates for him. (Muslim)