Container Village - Turkey

Welcome to our exciting new project – building a container village for earthquake survivors in Turkey. We are a humanitarian organization that is passionate about improving the lives of those affected by the disaster.

Our goal is to create a safe and comfortable temporary housing solution for those who have lost their homes. With each individual’s, we can create a village that is not only a roof over their heads, but also a place of dignity and hope.

Our residential containers are built to the highest standards and include essential amenities such as electricity and running water. We believe that everyone deserves a decent home, and we are committed to providing just that for these earthquake survivors.

We need your support to make this project a reality. Through your donation, you can help us build a better future for those affected by this devastating disaster. Your contribution, has a great impact and will change lives.

Schliesst euch uns heute noch an, um einen Unterschied zu machen. Join us today to make a difference. Thank you for your support.