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    Donate Iftar for Gaza

    This Ramadan, we have the great opportunity to feed our hungry brothers and sisters in Gaza for Iftar.

    Swiss Barakah Charity teams are distributing daily breaking fast / iftar meals in Gaza to the people affected by the conflict.


    Difficult situation following the conflict

    This year, unfortunately, the situation is even more difficult for Palestinian people who are already struggling to survive, because of the bloody conflict that affected the population in Gaza.


    Feed a fasting person and receive the same reward

    With your donation at Iftar, you will receive the same reward of the fasting day as the one you fed!

    Even if you cannot fast yourself, you can provide great joy and relief by donating for a meal to break the fast ( iftar ).

    With your donation, we can support such campaigns among others. We refer you to the provisions of our donation regulations.

    The prophet (pbuh) said: “Whoever feeds a fasting person while breaking his fast will receive the same in his reward, without diminishing the reward of the fasting person.” [At-Tirmidhî]