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    Emergency Afghanistan

    Afghanistan is facing a terrible humanitarian emergency following a catastrophic flood.


    Thousands of families have lost their homes and have no access to food, clean water and health care.


    How we respond to emergencies:

    At such critical times, our field teams work tirelessly to provide immediate aid, according to regional possibilities. Our response focuses on three essential areas: food, shelter and medical assistance.


    However, given the scale of the disaster, we urgently need your support to provide life-saving assistance to the thousands of displaced people who have lost so much.


    The people of Afghanistan have shown remarkable resilience in the face of repeated natural disasters. Now, more than ever, they need our help. Your support can bring immediate relief and long-term recovery to those who have lost so much.

    Please join our efforts to alleviate their suffering.


    Among other things, your donation will enable us to provide immediate support for such projects.
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