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    Emergency aid Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

    After the earthquake in Albania in 2019, our team was already helping within days. After that, we helped with renovations of the damaged buildings and supported families with the most necessary for months. Since then we have been active in Albania and have already extended our help to Kosovo and Macedonia.

    The economic crisis hits the neediest particularly hard

    Unfortunately, in the Balkans, as in many other regions around the world, the economic situation has worsened, and the pandemic has deprived many people of their sources of income.
    Now food prices are rising worldwide and people who already have less are feeling it even more.
    For this reason, we are distributing your help in the form of Zekat and food parcels to those most in need.

    In addition to emergency aid, we also have long-term projects on the ground

    In Albania, we have already completely rebuilt a maternity clinic in the Gramesh region of the public hospital and provided the equipment. In Kosovo, we have furnished entire rooms for children with Down syndrome, and in Macedonia we have equipped schoolrooms.

    This is only a part of our commitment on the ground, we have already been able to implement a lot more and many projects will follow to help the people on the ground in the long term.

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