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    Emergency Pakistan

    Most of Pakistan is under flood water due to heavy rains in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) & Balochistan. In addition millions of houses have been destroyed or damaged beyond repair. Last week 10 children were crushed to death from a single family in Kashmir after the roof collapsed on them.

    Thousands have died and many more are injured and in dire need of food, medical aid & shelter. Our team were in Punjab last week and witnessed the devastation first hand. Entire villages have been wiped out, houses, shops, crop fields, schools all destroyed and people are just sitting outside waiting for help to arrive. Unfortunately, the govt relief efforts are extremely slow.

    InshaAllah the Swiss Baraka team plan to go to the flood affected areas again in a few days and want to distribute much needed aid to these poor people. Please contribute towards this noble effort by donating towards the following items:

    Food Parcels
    Family size tents
    Hot Meals
    Zakat donations

    Pakistan Distribution Photo
    Pakistan Distribution Photo