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    Emergency Bosnia

    Floods Bosnia
    Bosnia has been hit by severe flooding, which has affected many people.
    Our teams are assisting the affected families and helping with the most necessary.
    Let’s work together to help as many people as possible.

    Already past projects in Bosnia:

    “svakodnevna torba” distribution to the refugees in Bosnia

    Among the most important needs of people is health. Especially in the
    Corona time it is even more important to maintain the immune system. For this reason
    the refugees receive vitamins and other products in the “svakodnevna torba” (daily bag).

    You can follow the distribution on the social media channels.

    Food package distribution to needy families/individuals in Bosnia.

    One food package for about one month.
    In Bosnia, there are people who live on a scarce income. Affected by this
    are mainly elderly people. An additional hurdle for families living in the countryside
    is the long way that has to be made for shopping.
    Support needy families and people by financing a food package for them.
    food package. Make it easier for the families and take away their worries.

    Renovation of the science room at Dzurdzevik elementary school in Bosnia.

    “Children are the future! We have a great opportunity to help shape the future.”

    Swiss Barakah Charity is funding the renovation of the
    Science room at the elementary school in Dzurdzevik, Bosnia.
    A fully equipped classroom will allow students at the
    elementary school a variety of learning opportunities Thus, the children have gained knowledge with
    ample opportunities to gain knowledge.

    Swiss Barakah in Bosnia 2
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