Ramadan brunnen

Ramadan – 30 days / 30 wells

Ramadan – 30 days / 30 wells During Ramadan, our hearts as Muslims are always a bit more open and compassionate than on the rest of the months. Many of us are even more giving than usual during this month and want to take as […]

Distribution of Zakat

The vital importance of your Zakat

The vital importance of your Zakat   Zakat is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam and is an important act of spiritual devotion. This Arabic term means “purification” and implies donating part of one’s wealth to help those most in need.   Zakat is […]

Zekat Zakat

The impact of your Zekat / Zakat

THE IMPACT OF YOUR ZAKAT Your Zekat / Zakat can do this!   Of course, each of us wholeheartedly gives his or her obligatory donation and thus fulfills a great pillar in Islam. But what power does this donation actually have? For the poor and […]

Dhul Hidscha

   The best days of the year!   Not long ago, we were looking for the best nights of the year during of the year in Ramadan. The next highlight is already near – Dhul Hijjah with Kurban and Bayram as the highlight.   We […]



The true value of the Zekat al Fitre „Free them from neediness on this day“ (Al Baihaqi)  … with these words the Prophet ﷺ made Zekat al Fitre obligatory for the ummah. However, feeding the needy does not reflect the only wisdom behind Zekat Al […]

Community Center Uganda

Community Center Uganda It is a small village community in Pallisa district/ Uganda. There are about 250 adults and about 430 children. There are almost 2 children per adult. There is abject poverty. Until a few months ago, there was almost nothing here to indicate […]

Why bread?

Why bread? A question which might sometimes cross the mind of one or the other of us is: Why do we always distribute bread? Don’t people need other things as well? Maybe people need other things – rice, oil or some preserved vegetables? Always only […]

Ramadan Special: 30 days/ 30 wells

Ramadan Special: 30 days/ 30 wells What is behind it? As Muslims, we know this phenomenon during Ramadan: Good deeds are suddenly no longer difficult for us. Especially giving money is much easier than during the rest of the year. The awareness towards our Creator […]

The blessing of water

A life in a tent How nice it is to be home! We’ve done all our winter preparations and are ready to cozy up at home, looking forward to getting away from the stress and hustle and bustle of the pre-Christmas season. The gray weather […]