Collective orphan sponsorship

We offer to sponsor several orphans collectively. Instead of giving money directly to the orphans’ carers each month, we have set up a collective aid programme for all the orphans as part of our organisation. Our aim is to help these children in a more targeted way to really improve their lives.

We work closely with the families to understand the children’s specific needs, and then put in place appropriate measures centrally. For example, if a child is having difficulties at school, we can offer academic support. We also provide medical assistance, improve their living conditions and make sure they have access to drinking water.

The advantage of this programme is that we can show concrete results to demonstrate the effectiveness of your generosity. It also helps us to protect children and their families from exploitation while preserving their dignity. Every child is precious to us, and we work to raise their spirits while offering them concrete opportunities.

“I and the one who takes care of an orphan, whether he is related to her or a stranger to her, will be like these (index and middle fingers) in Paradise”
The narrator, Malik ibn Anas, raised his index finger and middle finger to explain. (Muslim)