Plant olive trees: Seeds of hope for Palestine

In Palestine, we plant olive trees as a symbol of hope and renewal.

With a donation of 20.-, you can donate an olive tree to a population that has long suffered.


A Gesture of Solidarity that Makes a Difference

The olive harvest is a vital resource for the local community. People in need can produce the famous Palestinian olive oil, known and appreciated worldwide. This not only provides a valuable food product but also offers sustainable income for families, enabling them to build a more stable future.


A Benefit for the Environment

Olive trees are not only a symbol of peace and resilience. They produce oxygen, improve air quality, and contribute to a healthy environment. Additionally, these trees provide shelter and food for numerous animals, enriching local biodiversity.


A Donation that Keeps on Growing

Your tree becomes a donation that continues to give over time, with sustainable benefits for people and nature. Each tree planted is an investment in the future of Palestine, an act of love that nourishes the land and the people who live there.

Join us in planting seeds of hope. Donate an olive tree and let life flourish in Palestine.


Your tree thus becomes a real ongoing donation with sustainable benefits for people and nature!