Ramadan Well

Ramadan - 30 days / 30 wells

During Ramadan, our hearts as Muslims are always a bit more open and compassionate than on the rest of the months. Many of us are even more giving than usual during this month and want to take as much of the blessings in Ramadan as possible. So at Swiss Barakah, we thought to ourselves, “how can we use the blessings in Ramadan to create the most lasting benefit for those in need?” With a flash of inspiration, the ambitious idea of building a new well every day during Ramadan was born. What seems impossible for any other month of the year suddenly seems quite realistic with Ramadan in mind – “we can do it – In shaa Allah!” Alhamdulillah it worked! The demand was so great that after a short time we were able to plan almost all Ramadan days with well.

Well uganda
Well uganda

As expected, the last 10 days of Ramadan were in particularly high demand and were fully booked after only a short time. It was a great logistical challenge and demanded a lot from the teams in the project countries. In Togo, Cameroon, Chad, Benin and Uganda, the teams traveled from place to place to start each day with a new well. Sometimes the Swiss Barakah staff and volunteers arrived in the villages of the needy only at night – but the promise to start construction on the desired date had to be kept and it was! Now, almost a year later, thousands of needy people are happy to break their fast in Ramadan 22 with water from your well donations! What about 2022 – can we do it again?

Hier you can reserve your well for Ramadan: FORMULAR

You can also contact Muatasim for additional questions about wells via Whatsapp: +41766511234

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