Ramadan food parcels

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    Ramadan packages

    Tense situation worldwide

    This year millions of people face the difficult task of feeding their families and do not know how they can bear the increase in food prices.
    In certain regions, food prices have already doubled.

    Let’s take away people’s worries about whether and how they can feed their families.


    Donate a lot of joy for Iftar and Suhur!

    In addition to the much-needed basic foodstuffs, this year a few local specialties will be packed into the packages, which are eagerly eaten in the respective region for Suhur.


    What is in a package?

    The contents vary from region to region. It is taken into account what is available in the respective country inexpensively and in sufficient quality.
    In addition, the eating habits of the respective ethnic group of needy people are taken into consideration.
    Our packages are sufficient for a family of five for at least one month, sometimes even longer.


    An example parcel for Syrian refugees may look like this:

    5 KG rice

    5 KG wheat flour

    5 KG lentils

    5 KG sugar

    500g tea

    500g tomato paste

    1 KG baby milk

    2 liters of frying oil

    1 – 2 KG dates

    1 KG thyme (zarta)

    1 L olive oil

    1 pack of olives

    1 KG apricot jam

    1 package salami

    1 package sardines

    1 package tuna

    1 package chocolate cream

    1 package of smear cheese

    + if possible more extra’s


    Strengthen now a whole family for the fasting month and prepare with your package much joy in Ramadan!


    With your donation, we can support among other things such campaigns.

    “The fasting person experiences two joys: the first joy at the time of breaking the fast and the second joy when he reaches Allah” (Muslim)

    Ramadan parcels
    Ramadan parcels