Ramadan packages

Millions of people are facing the aftermath of violent conflicts, devastating calamities, famine, drought, and rising food prices. In some regions, food prices have already doubled. Countless families, including those in conflict zones like Gaza, are in desperate need.

However, we can all help to alleviate these worries and bring joy during Ramadan.

We have come up with something special for this year’s packages. In addition to the essential staples, we include local specialities that are appreciated in each region during Suhur.

The contents of the packages vary from region to region, and we take into account what is available locally at an affordable price and of sufficient quality. In addition, we take into account the dietary habits of the beneficiary ethnic groups. Our packages are designed to feed a family of five for at least a month, sometimes longer.

For example, a package for Syrian refugees might contain:
5 kg rice
5 kg wheat flour
5 kg lentils
5 kg sugar
500 g tea
500 g tomato paste
1 kg milk for babies
2 litres of oil for cooking
1 to 2 kg dates
1 kg thyme (zarta)
1 litre of olive oil
1 packet of olives
1 packet of salami
1 packet sardines
1 packet tuna
1 packet chocolate cream
1 packet of cheese spread

And, if possible, additional extras.

Help us support an entire family during the month of fasting by contributing to these packages and bring joy to Ramadan.

With your donation, we can support such campaigns, among others. 

We refer to the provisions of our donation regulations.

“The fasting person experiences two joys: the first joy at the time of breaking the fast and the second joy when he reaches Allah” (Muslim)