Ramadan Special: 30 days/ 30 wells

What is behind it?

As Muslims, we know this phenomenon during Ramadan: Good deeds are suddenly no longer difficult for us. Especially giving money is much easier than during the rest of the year. The awareness towards our Creator and the important things in life just seems much more present than in all other months. By increasing ibadah and removing ourselves from bad things, our hearts become purer and move a bit further away from the grip of this world.

Our compassion for those in need is also much more intense. We feel the hunger in Ramadan that the poor must always feel and have a dry mouth, just as the thirsty must endure throughout the year. We feel weak in between and begin to understand how much we depend on our food.

All these reasons also make us donate significantly more and think more about those in need than we do during the rest of the year. We donate to Ramadan packages, Iftare, Zekat al Fitre and much more. All of this is important and needed!

A bitter taste remains only if these relief supplies are used up after some time. By that time, we have already returned to our old lives. The needy as well. For one month we were a great community, but then everyday life and the carelessness associated with it catches up with us again and so we forget our suffering brothers and sisters….

So this Ramadan, let’s make a difference that will benefit people tremendously and help permanently!

One well helps communities of up to 1000 or more people. The help reaches them immediately after the construction is completed and remains Inshā’ Allāh for generations. The benefit of a single well is so gigantic that it is hard to imagine its scope.

So let’s put our motivation and strong spirituality to proper use this Ramadan and make a real difference in this world and help thousands of people with aid that will change your life!

Build your own well and help us start a new well every day!

A month full of Barakah – blessings that last!     

Here’s how to donate to your own well:

Contact us by phone or Whatsapp on +41 76 469 93 35 📲

Think about your desired day, the color of the fountain and the name that should be on the fountain.

We will let you know if your date is still available and start with your fountain on your desired day! Of course you will receive photos and videos of your fountain from the start of construction.

Save the (date) well!

(We ask for your understanding that we can only allocate each day once. The one who donated first will get the award on the desired date)

Would you like to participate in a Shared Well?

Some days are reserved for community wells – you can get involved now and build your well together with the community! ✊


When man dies, he is separated (from the merit) of his deeds except in three (cases): a sadaqa that endures (sadaqajaryia), knowledge that brings benefit, and an upright descendant who supplicates for him. (Muslim)

Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, he should honor his guest (Bukhari)