Ramadan WITH or WITHOUT a parcel?


The great importance of the Ramadan parcel


Alhamudlillah! We have had a great start to Ramadan thanks to your support.

Thousands of Ramadan packets have already been distributed all over the world and people are enjoying the food.

Especially now, the need is even greater!



Rising prices for basic goods bring already struggling countries to their knees


Due to the Corona pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine, food prices are rising rapidly all over the world.

African and Asian countries are particularly affected. And this makes the situation even more difficult for those who are already in difficulty.


Time after time we see the enormous impact your packages have on the lives of the needy during Ramadan, and we would like to share it with you.

That is why we describe the situation without a Ramadan package and with one, based on a Syrian refugee family in a tent city.


Ramadan parcels distribution
Ramadan parcels distribution in refugee camps


A typical day in a refugee camp during Ramadan…


…without a parcel


Without a parcel, people wake up before dawn and perhaps have a sip of water before the fasting period of the day begins. They may eat a small bite of dry bread or whatever is left over from the previous day.

For the parents, in addition to fasting, the main activity of the day now begins: getting something to eat for the evening.

The father goes out and perhaps tries to do some work or close a deal.

He is probably trying to find out if there is bread or food distribution somewhere.

The mother cannot prepare anything for the iftar because she has nothing, and meanwhile, she hopes that the father will not come back so late, if possible, and that she can get something to eat…



…with a parcel


With a parcel, the day starts with tea and freshly baked homemade bread dipped in a little olive oil.

For the children, there is chocolate cream to spread, so that they too can enjoy getting up for sahur.

The day can then begin in a relaxed manner and the father can work on long-term improvement measures instead of spending the whole day looking for food.

The mother can plan supper and already prepare soup and bake sweets for dinner.

For iftar, the family then eats a rich lentil soup and some rice and tomato sauce with spices.

For dessert and dinner, there are pastries with jam and black tea…



Receiving an iftar ensures certainty and joy


Just the idea and security of having an iftar to look forward to has enormous significance for people. This gives an extra dose of strength, especially on difficult fasting days. So don’t underestimate the impact and effect of your donation!



Check out our Donate page to find out what is included in a Ramadan parcel and how you can make a donation!