Tax declaration

Many Swiss give away hundreds of francs every year in their tax returns. Some because they are unaware that up to 20% of their net income in donations can be deducted from their taxes, and others because they make crucial mistakes that result in the donation not being deductible in the end.


Which donation is deductible at all?


Deductibles are monetary donations and other assets that have been donated to a Swiss-based, tax-exempt, charitable organization, such as Swiss Barakah Charity. “Other assets” can be, for example, securities, trademark rights, real estate, vehicles or works of art. In the case of international organizations, the basic rule is that these organizations must have a branch in Switzerland in order for the donations to be deductible at these organizations. Non-profit status is expressed in the fact that the funds may only be used for expenses that benefit the public good or that are used for the benefit of third parties.


ATTENTION: In most cantons, such as Zurich, at least 100 CHF must have been donated in the year for it to be tax deductible! In Thurgau it should be at least 200 CHF and St. Gallen accepts the deduction only from 500 CHF. Some cantons waive the minimum limit. These include Baselland, Graubünden, Nidwalden and Valais.


Important – every donation must be documented! You have to ask your charity for a donation receipt.


Swiss Barakah Charity will automatically send you the donation receipt by the end of February at the latest, as long as you have provided us with your current and complete address information. We can certify all donations we receive up to and including 31.12. for this year.