Zekat Zakat


Your Zekat / Zakat can do this!


Of course, each of us wholeheartedly gives his or her obligatory donation and thus fulfills a great pillar in Islam. But what power does this donation actually have? For the poor and needy, Zekat is a great blessing.


Due to the growing imbalance between rich and poor, which is aggravated by migration and not least by the Corona pandemic, more and more people are slipping below the poverty line.



The need for humanitarian support is huge


On the other hand, the immense need for humanitarian support and more difficult logistical conditions for aid delivery mean that aid is less and less available.


We have previously reported on the challenges that residents of refugee camps, for example, face in receiving food.



Zakat Zekat
Zakat distribution in refugee camps


Unfortunately, donations are not always enough to help sufficiently. However, this is where your Zekat comes into play and works as a “Band-Aid”.


Wherever we see people struggling due to poverty, the Zekat can be used to provide the necessary help. The Zekat gives the flexibility to target help where it is needed most at the time.


In addition, SBC also distributes Zekat directly to those in need who are in particularly difficult circumstances.



Many of us don’t realize how necessary our Zekat is


One heartbreaking story, for example, occurred during a distribution in Benin. There, our team handed an envelope with Zekat to a lonely old lady, who was moved to tears.


In the envelope was a sum of money that would hardly have been enough for a dinner for two in Switzerland.


For the lady, however, this represented a small fortune and she assured us that she would use it very sparingly, so that it would last her a very long time…




If you have any questions about the Zekat, feel free to check out our FAQ


If you want to donate your Zekat, you can do so here : barakah.ch/zakat