Water and development aid

Water supply is the core issue when it comes to development aid. Water is the number one basic human need. Development can only take place if this is ensured and easily procured. We want to promote the development of weakened societies in all phases. Find out more about our water and development aid projects:


Container Village Turkey

Container Village – Turkey Welcome to our exciting new project – building a container village for earthquake survivors in Turkey. We are a humanitarian organization that is passionate about improving the lives of those affected by the disaster. Our goal is to create a safe

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Water for Education

Water for Education Access to clean drinking water changes the lives of children in need. It not only improves their ability to concentrate, but also removes the worry about their basic needs. This is how the idea for our “Water for Education” project was born.

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Water Fund

Water Fund The money from this fund is used exclusively for projects in the water sector. If you want to donate for a fountain, you can do it directly on the respective page. On this overview you will find the current Share on facebook Share

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Change a life

Change a life As the old saying goes, “Give someone a fish and they eat for a day. Teach someone to fish and you feed him for life.”We give you the opportunity to bring this proverb to life, we help family fathers in Sri Lanka

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Waterwell in Togo

Waterwell in Togo One of humanity’s most fundamental needs is access to water. Every well we dig represents a significant step forward for those who depend on it.   Drinking water not only quenches people’s thirst, it also protects them from disease and makes their

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Waterwell in Malawi

Waterwell in Malawi The most urgent need of men is water. Every fountain means a big step forward for those in need. Clean drinking water not only quenches people’s thirst, it, also, prevents them from getting sick and helps them enormously in managing their daily

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Well for Cameroon

Wells for Cameroon A significant number of people around the world lack basic access to safe drinking water, which is a major concern. The most vulnerable populations live mainly in the poorest regions, especially in rural areas.According to a recent study, 11% of the world’s

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