Water for Education

When we started our work in 2019 at our orphanage with school in Malawi to support the orphans, – what could be the first problem to solve there? Tables? School supplies? Clothes?

Wrong, the children had no clean water! On the one hand, this is not only very inconvenient, as the orphans have to walk very long distances to get clean water. On the other hand, it promotes diseases, because the children mostly drank the dirty water, which was nearby, due to the circumstances.

So it was clear: The first thing to do was to get clean water! After all, who can concentrate when they are thirsty or when their bodies are struggling to fight germs from the polluted water? A clean spring makes a huge difference to children: not only can they concentrate better, but they no longer have to worry about the most basic of needs.

This is how the idea for our new project “Water for Education” was born – starting in Sri Lanka, we now want to build hundreds of wells and water systems specifically at schools in the poorest regions around the world, thus supporting the future of these countries – namely the children. “Heart”

Get involved now in building wells at schools or secure your personal well – for the future of children, because they are the source for the gelleschaft of tomorrow!

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“When man dies, he is separated from the reward of his deeds, except in three cases: A donation that endures (Sadaqa jaryia), knowledge that brings benefit, and an upright descendant who asks for him.” [Muslim]