Why bread?

A question which might sometimes cross the mind of one or the other of us is: Why do we always distribute bread? Don’t people need other things as well? Maybe people need other things – rice, oil or some preserved vegetables? Always only bread is not healthy either!

That’s right! All this is needed and bread is not the healthiest but …

…imagine: According to estimates of the UN High Commission, there are about 5.6 million refugees living in the region around Syria. The majority of them are dependent on active emergency aid – the people have no chance to earn their own income, as they live isolated in tent camps. There are huge areas dotted with refugee camps and all of them are dependent on supplies from outside the tent camps.

The daily task of the fathers of the families consists solely of providing new food for the family. Bread has the advantage that it is very cheap compared to other foodstuffs and also contains many calories, i.e. it provides energy. This is enormously important so that people do not have to suffer from hunger and malnutrition and helps the body to produce warmth in the winter in the fight against the cold. Especially for the children, it is essential to get enough food so that their bodies can develop – about 40% of the camp residents are children under 12 years old!!!!

We talked to some of the older camp residents and asked them what they needed most. The answer was always, “Bread! If you bring us bread, our biggest daily worry is taken away. Once our daily bread is secured, we say “Alhamdulilah” and can worry about other things.”

For Swiss Barakah, it is clear: Bread provides the simplest and most effective emergency aid and can take away the greatest daily worry from many people with just one franc!

The need is infinitely large, – the teams of SBC are daily in the Camps on the way and distribute transporter-wisely bread against the gigantic hunger. Thousands of people can be supplied with bread, but unfortunately there are still millions of other people who have not yet been reached…

With just 1.- , you too can satisfy the bread needs of a family for a whole day – don’t close your eyes and help!